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February 10, 2022
Signature Boston
Tips, Trends, Tactics & Best Practices
We are seeing the “Great Resignation” take hold, as employees are suddenly realizing they have more options and are demanding better lives for themselves and their families. Commutes...
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the event industry has seen a complete 180 in operations, with in-person events being forced to move to virtual in response to safety protocols. And now, hybrid...
Long, long ago (2006) in an industry far, far away, Clive Humby, a British mathematician and data science entrepreneur, stated “Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined, it cannot...
San Diego captures the essence of what makes California such a popular destination for business and leisure travelers. This classic beach city has it all — beautiful shores, outdoor adventure...
Industry Insight
More and more face-to-face trade shows and events are going live again, and that’s great news for a beleaguered industry that has faced tremendous challenges during the past two years...
TSNN Podcast: Trade Show Talk
Community is no longer just an entity. It is a career path, and RD Whitney helps us understand this deeply on this episode! Online/virtual events are not a new concept, and RD was involved in advancing them back in 2007-2010. He fully believes it was the current pandemic that was the “slingshot” to show how important community is. Whether your events are online or in person, they are a catalyst to complement year-round communities for our audiences.
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Health and Safety
Pandemic-related shifts in both company protocols and consumer behaviors have forever changed the ways in which we come together for industry events such as trade shows and seminars...
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Going Virtual
Hybrid events are relatively new to the industry, and most organizations are still testing its possibilities. Determining what and how to sell sponsorships for hybrid events is also open for discussion...
Technology Talk
If you asked Tony Salah what he was most passionate about when he started his career, business and technology would have topped the list, considering his degree in electrical engineering...
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Hubilo News
Presented by: Hubilo
The event industry has become a poster child for change. Before COVID-19, in-person events were the rule. Then, virtual events emerged to adjust for the world’s new normal of staying home...
Partner Voices
Dallas is home to some of the most impressive meeting spaces in Texas. The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas is rated one of the top convention...
Savvy Marketing Advice
What’s in a brand? Well, a lot of things! More than just a logo, a brand encompasses your message and your reputation. It’s both tangible and intangible. It’s not meant to be finite, but rather...
People News, Work Culture & Job Posts
The year 2022 has kicked off with a bang as event-related organizations continue their hiring and promotion frenzy, filling positions and recognizing top-performing staff with more senior...
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