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April 20, 2022
TSNN Tech News - Top Stories
From recognizing the stars behind tech in the industry to unveiling comprehensive solutions aimed at helping event professionals succeed, event technology is ever evolving...
Freeman, a leading event management company, has partnered with Hubilo, a leading virtual and hybrid event platform, to provide its customers around the world with a seamless digital component...
The metaverse is upon us, and The Toy Foundation is one of the latest companies to bring one of its events into the new world of virtual interactivity and participant engagement. For its recent...
Bizzabo, the Event Experience Operating System (OS), unveiled the Global Event Center of Excellence, a dedicated division providing event expertise, education and resources for event...
Tech Talk with Brian Scott
Some folks can get really caught up in the “grass is always greener” syndrome. I can understand that tendency, of course, as I have my fair share of lawn envy, and I mean that both metaphorically and...
Thought Leadership
Today's learners crave video. But most video platforms just aren't built for education.

You need security, LMS integration, analytics, and more to make the most of video as a learning tool. With the right platform, you'll see more engagement, improved learning outcomes, and a huge boost in audience satisfaction.
Event tech and marketing wizard Dahlia El Gazzar is on a mission to empower event professionals with intel that helps them create next-level experiences. It’s the very reason she has been so...
TSNN Podcast: Trade Show Talk
Tap into the state of the global trade show industry (right now) via two accomplished experts and hear the latest industry news from Rachel Wimberly, EVP of business development at Tarsus Group, U.S. Truly, the future is bright, and Emslie and Hattendorf share many examples of how our present will inform our future. The data is there to show people crave face-to-face events, and business is happening at these trade shows (including a million dollar-plus sale, which is discussed).
If you'd like to be a guest or you have a topic to suggest that we cover, please let us know by emailing If you would like to sponsor a podcast series, please contact or
Hubilo News
Presented by: Hubilo
According to a Marketing General Incorporated benchmarking report, 50% of associations reported that members do not renew their membership due to a lack of engagement. That’s why...
Leading event tech company Hubilo recently united 1,000-plus attendees for MIX 2022 (Mastering Immersive Events), its first-ever global hybrid gathering, which spanned three continents...
Partner Voices
With trade shows and in-person events making a comeback, Las Vegas has set the stage for unmatched experiences with innovative and affordable venues that can bring even...
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Blog Roundup
Lilian Shen
Director of Marketing for CORT Events
Planning a Safe, Must-Attend Show in an Age of Uncertainty Read More...
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